Blum Gallery and the Farrand Gardens
College of the Atlantic
Bar Harbor, Maine

In the Blum Gallery: How does nature nurture us?  Sculpture made from granite, marble, moss, mica, and wood brings nature into our lives and explores the numinous qualities of matter.
In the Farrand Gardens: Where we nurture nature, sculpture acts as a focal point for a contemplative setting.  Sculpture sets up a dialogue with place and heightens our awareness of natural forces, cycles, and seasons.  Co-curated with Susan Lerner.

Hawk Ridge Farm
Pownal, Maine

Through Meadows: Large scale sculpture sited on the living landscape of pastures and organic gardens in a country setting demonstrates living with art.  A home gallery houses collections of smaller works.  Open by appointment throughout the show including weekends and evenings.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Boothbay, Maine

Along Shore Path: Through woodland gardens and glacier-honed ledges, sculpture is sited along a coastal trail.  The outstanding work of artists invites us to slow our pace and more deeply appreciate the great work of which we are a part.