Maple Tree Talks

Sunday, June 16 – 2:00pm
Michael Shaughnessy

Sculpture has evolved through the ages from animal effigies to Earthworks to performance art and back again. Michael Shaughnessy, sculpture instructor from University of Southern Maine, will speak about sculpture’s early beginnings and lasting impacts for our culture over time. Shaughnessy states, “from the hand held to that which is indeterminate and fleeting, sculpture has always been the ‘great other’ of art.”

Sunday, June 23 – 2:00pm
Sharon Townshend

Inspired by trees and the grace of the female form, Sharon Townshend makes large scale Caryatid tree/women sculptures in stoneware and terra cotta. “When I work with clay I am part of an ancient continuum of artists modeling this substance into forms which are usually hollow. This interior space has been used to hold food, water, ceremonial or metaphorical meaning.” Sharon will demonstrate how she makes large coiled vessels and how she uses this process to make ceramic sculpture.

Sunday, June 30 – 2:00pm
Hank Tyler

Using the grain and rich colors of hard woods, Hank Tyler sculpts gently abstracted birds. Focusing on shorebirds and flight, Tyler will share his inspiration, techniques, tools and works in progress. Formerly the director of Maine’s Critical Areas Program, he now sculpts full time and has much to share with those who work in wood or love birds.

Artist Steve Lindsay giving Figurative Carving talk

Artist Steve Lindsay giving Figurative Carving talk

Carved figures in wood from Steve Lindsay's talk

Carved figures in wood from Steve Lindsay’s talk