OWL - Andreas van Huene

OWL – Andreas van Huene

HEN - Lise Becu

HEN – Lise Becu

Hawk Ridge Farm
Pownal, Maine
June 15th – July 27th, 2011

For those considering sculpture, this is an exhibition of both small and large scale works selected from 30 artist’s studios throughout New England. Materials include granite, basalt, marble, bronze, steel and wood and are shown in meadows, gardens and country home of Hawk Ridge Farm.

Sculpture can act as a focal point on the landscape or a contemplative garden. It enlivens its place as it heightens our awareness of sensual form and all that endures. BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY is a celebration of sculpture from the region.

BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY 2011 sculptors

Anne Alexander, Lise Becu, John BonSignore, John Bowdren, Pat Campbell, Ray Carbone, Miles Chapin, Tom Chapin, Case Conover, Sara Crisp, Squidge Davis, Edwin Gamble, J. T. Gibson, Paul Heroux, Kazumi Hoshino, Andreas von Huene, Wendy Klemperer, Steve Lindsay, Cabot Lyford, Jean Noon, Roy Patterson, Stephen Parmley, Stephen Porter, Antje Roitzsch, Constance Rush, Jim Sardonis, Cat Schwenk, George Sherwood, Gary Haven Smith, Jordan Smith, Scott Stoll, Cynthia Stroud, Sharon Townshend, Digby Veevers-Carter, Gar Waterman.

Images of Sculpture